comprehensive service

eko3r recycling system

The eko3r system helps the public and administrations to recycle used cooking oil, bringing security, convenience, accessibility, cleanliness and simplicity to the waste management process.

comprehensive system for the collection of

cooking oiloptimiz3r

The recycling of cooking oil helps to prevent pollution in our natural environment, thus creating a society that is more committed to its environment.

integral system

Comprehensive service

Our innovative and exclusive system has been successfully implemented and developed in various municipalities, quadrupling the volume of oil collected.

The advantages that distinguish our system from others are numerous:

  • Carrying out a personalised study of needs
  • Advising on the number and location of containers
  • Collection of full receptacles and replacement with empty bottles
  • Keeping the container clean inside and outside
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Submission of regular reports to our client municipalities
  • Customer care service
  • Possibility of personalising the container with the municipality’s emblems or logos
  • Possibility of receiving information through the extranet
  • Advising the municipalities on awareness campaigns or the drafting of information
  • Assistance with administrative procedures

life cycle of the eko3r system

The client municipalities are allocated a supervisor whose purpose is to advise and inform them on a regular basis and throughout the whole recycling process.

Firstly, we carry out a personalised study of the needs of the client municipality and we then install the containers in the appropriate locations.

We distribute the receptacles for the used oil to every home. Once every home has been equipped with a bottle, these are used by the residents to store their used oil. When the bottle is full, the user deposits it in the container and receives a clean and empty one in return.

The system notifies us electronically when our containers are almost full. When we receive these notifications, we collect the oil receptacles and carry out checks and maintenance work.