generated products

generated products

The product that is mainly obtained as a result of the collection and recycling of used cooking oil is biodiesel. However, there are other alternatives to be taken into account when it comes to implementing the process of reusing this waste, such as industrial cutting oils, soap… and other products

productos generados

the biodiesel obtained from recycled oil

The biodiesel obtained from the recycling of used cooking oil is a product equivalent to conventional diesel fuel which, for example, is used as an energy source in diesel engines.

For every litre of oil used, a litre of biodiesel is obtained, the environmental impact of which is much less than the diesel obtained from petroleum. A dual effect is therefore achieved: on the one hand, the volume of polluting waste is reduced and, on the other hand, we help to care for the environment by contributing a source of energy whose emissions of sulphur compounds on combustion are minimal.