the container

the container

Our used cooking oil container, olive green in colour and made of fibreglass, is designed to make the process of recycling cooking oil easier at all levels.

Contenedor de aceite reciclado

characteristics of the cooking oil container

  • Accessibility (containers for everyone)
  • Easy handling (electromechanical operation)
  • 24-hour, 365-day service
  • In harmony with the environment
  • Capacity up to 200 receptacles
  • Exchange for clean receptacle
  • Out of service indicator (if full or out of order)
  • Record of receptacles collected and other associated indicators (litres of oil)
  • Highly vandal proof
  • Made from fireproof materials
  • Dimensions (width x depth x height): 1.2m x 1.705m x 2.09m
  • Panels can be personalised with the council’s emblem
  • Harmonious shapes

Medidas del contenedor de aceite: Altura 2,09 metros, anchura 1,20 metros y profundidad 1,705 metros

location of the containers

  • The containers are installed in flat locations to ensure that their internal mechanisms work properly. They can be installed on the street, in shopping centres or anywhere that is considered appropriate.
  • The container is anchored to the ground to prevent it from moving or tipping up, thus avoiding any accidents.
  • The point of installation must be easily accessible for both the general public and the collectors. Installations near roads, parks, etc. must be avoided.